Cats like Cheese

Miaow! Tomorrow night Jeremy will be mostly shaking a tambourine around with The Freed Unit and looking like this


at the

Sorted Records Extravaganza @ The Charlotte Oct 6th   

Thursday- 6th October sees the Sorted Records 10th anniversary bash at the Charlotte with non stop live bands upstairs and downstairs from 8.30 onwards.

Bands playing are The Thurston Lava Tube, Flying Ant Day, Jamie Says, The Freed Unit (their first gig in 4 years), Chapter 24, Don's mobile barbers and MJ Hibbett and The Validators.

Admission is £4 or £3 with a flyer.





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To Wish Impossible Things

And I've been wishing for a few of them recently...

Why I'm an Eagle (pt 94)

I think we do get quality… it's just a different kind of quality. If you want perfection then by all means go and watch Liverpool, for example. But is it art? To my mind, watching Liverpool has all the attraction of watching a piece of technical drawing. But the way Dean Austin looked up before he swept the ball out for a throw in… now that's real quality. A master of his art.

•Palace are the New York Dolls to Liverpool's Elaine Paige
•We are The Young Ones to Liverpool's To The Manor Born
•We are Hurricane Higgins to Liverpool's Steve Davis
•Palace are ice creams with flakes on the beach to Liverpool's Ferrero Rocher at Stuffy Diplomatic Receptions
Maybe more people would choose the Liverpool options in that list, but they would be utterly wrong.

Given the drama and unpredictability of it all, I can't believe Palace isn't sold out years in advance. No scriptwriter could come up with anything more unlikely or that would keep you guessing to the last page of every chapter.

In just over two decades since I first supported Palace we've seen promotion achieved by coming back from 3-1 down; the most thrilling FA Cup semi final in history; five trips to Wembley including a last minute defeat and a last minute victory in consecutive seasons; a divisional championship; five relegations; three chairmen, all in their own sweet ways deranged egomaniacs; somewhere in the region of 11 managers (if you dont count Noades and a few other five minute wonders) one of whom did the job three times and three others who did it twice; bankruptcy, administration and salvation; a last gasp escape from relegation; and four other major semi-finals (all against either Liverpool, Man U or Arsenal).

We've gone almost an entire season without winning at home, we've seen Ian Wright, Salako and Staunton all score from the halfway line, we've had Lombardo AND Craig Foster… in the same team!!!! We've taunted Fatboy Miller and hero-worshipped some of the worst players known to mankind.

And don't forget Tomas Brolin's size 42 shorts, being linked with Maradona and Colonel Gadaffi, the disappearing Argentinians, the Israelis who couldn't play football, Venables and Fenwick, the Cantona Kung-fu kick, Fan Zhiyi's assaults on referees, Brucie missing a last minute FA Cup penalty v Nigel Martyn who was then cheered off, a £2.75m centre half being outjumped by Carl Leaburn, Iain Dowie's smile, Ade AkinBadBuy, Dean Gordon's last minute shot v Derby and the abject terror of Riccardo Fuller when he came on as sub against Wolves… and that's just bits and bobs I can remember off the top of my head.

We've taken more shit in the last five years than most fans will take from their clubs in a lifetime. We've celebrated a 1-0 win at Norwich with more passion that ten times as many Liverpool fans could muster for winning three trophies. Our fans have got more wit and passion than anyone in the league and are mostly nice people with it, not thugs or arrogant Premiership prima donnas.

Crystal Palace is cult viewing, like a late night TV show that only a few people know about, like a precious record that was never number one but makes everybody who knows it want to dance and sing… and sometimes cry.

To have seen the way Geoff Thomas ran like a duck, to have seen Mark Dennis's haymaker aimed at Gazza that would have floored Tyson, to have seen us win at every top ground in the country and lose at Hartlepool, to have seen The Ninja put his elbow into Keown's face, to have seen Dougie leave Stockport's defence on its arse, to have seen Stevie throw his jacket into the crowd, to have seen Butch Wilkins last half an hour; to have felt an explosion like dynamite under your feet when Dave the Mod tucked home that penalty against Blackburn, to have been there when Pembo set off on his mad run in the Villa Park semi, or when we won a penalty shootout 6-5 having missed five pens in a row before that… money couldn't buy those things.

Time for another promotion I think…
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Where are ya! Where Are Ya! Let's be 'aving you!

Jeremy is djing at:-

The Psycho Candy Club @The ATTIK
Saturday, March 12th, 2005


"The best M**therf**king goth/alt 80's/electro/EBM night in the whole of the East M*dl*nds!" Jesus H Christ

Its not that kind if night...... Its the other kind, you know the one!

Held at the ATTIK on Free Lane(off Halford Street),
Leicester (Behind BHS). 9PM till 2am. £3 R.O.A.R.

[Including 'Bodyburn' Industrial/EBM/Electro/Noise upstairs]


So now ya know.
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(no subject)

I have a double room to rent in a shared 2 bedroomed house off London Road in leicester. Rent is £190 per month. Share with me and a little cat.

Housemate needed

Ok I have a problem,

I have a spare room in a house that is too much to pay for on my own. Its off London Road behind the loaded dog pub. Has tv video washing machine central heating etc. Rent £190 exclusive of bills. Need someone very soon!

If anybody is interested post away and I will reply!

The Cure, Manchester, and tonsillitis

Well it was surprisingly good apparently,and they did lots of old stuff (hurrah!). Jeremy met lots of Palace fans at Move too.

However Raki is very very dangerous and deceptive; it should be treated with caution.

Poor has Kate has tonsillitis, she won't play crackle games or paper shredding with me!

I've had enough now, I'm off to eat some grass and sniff some snails in the front garden.
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Psychocandy tonight

It would appear that as well as New Potatoes going from strength to strength


has now made the Guardian Club listings guide. How interesting! They describe it as 'goth-tech' tho, whatever that is.

I will back comb my ear fluff and waggle my paws about like girl goths used to at Nephs gigs in 1987.

So is anyone coming tonight? Mr Flowersdie says that me and beltainethecat can sit on top of the new light they've bought...
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